Getting a loan with Financial Credit Institutions is difficult but not impossible

Getting a loan with ASNEF is difficult but not impossible. To start, you have to know that the only financing opportunities are going to be given by private lenders. To choose which one to go to, you have to be clear how much money you need.

The National Association of Financial Credit Institutions is the most important list of delinquents in Spain. It records the activity related to defaults to national banking or financial entities. In Good Finance we help you find the best loan adapted to your needs, regardless of whether you are included in one of these delinquent listings.

If we ask ourselves whether or not we are included in these listings, it is best to contact them directly through their website or means of contact (email, telephone) that they offer to get out of doubt.

Operation and conditions

Operation and conditions

In the case of being included in ASNEF and you have difficulty finding a credit to suit you , in Good Finance we help you get the loan you need through our online platform, we work with numerous entities to offer you a loan with ASNEF . In it you will find all the steps to follow to successfully complete your enrollment in our system.

These credits that we provide offer such conditions:

  • Small amounts of money borrowed, which does not require guarantees or guarantees.
  • A few repayment terms in a single installment and short term, although the possibility of negotiating an extension of the term itself.
  • Interest according to the type of loan.
  • Through the endorsement of a property, as in Good Credit.



The credits offered by credit institutions to those who are in some type of delinquent list such as ASNEF require a series of prerequisites to be granted. These are:

  • Have an identity document.
  • Reside in Spain.
  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Have current income.
  • Not having outstanding debts greater than 1,000 dollars.

If you want to apply for a personal loan with ASNEF, we analyze your case through our loan comparator and find a solution for your financial needs.

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